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MikroTik mAP Lite – smallest credential harvester – RESULTS

This article relates to an article regarding using MikroTik as a “credential harvester” MikroTik mAP Lite – phishing – smallest credential harvester. I have finally managed to collect all data about one of my previous projects. Despite a small amount of a free time and little financial contribution I am stunned how many people swallowed

MikroTik mAP Lite – phishing – smallest credential harvester

This article was made to increase awareness of Internet security. This information is for educational purposes only! Lately MikroTik released a brand new, small-form AP. We are talking of course about mAP Lite (RBmAPL-2nD). This is really interesting product due to its small dimensions (48x49x11), low power consumption and great features for the price. It